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SQL/Dynamics AX/Windows discovery GUI Tool (Windows PowerShell/WinForms)

SQL/Dynamics AX/Windows discovery GUI Tool (Windows PowerShell/WinForms)

Server Discovery Wizard
Server Discovery Wizard

Collects detailed information on a SQL instance such as SQL Server configuration, memory utilization, database settings, service accounts, network protocols, log size, etc.
Inspects the configuration settings of the hosted server hardware such as OS version, storage, network, virtual machine provider, etc.
Discovers other instances hosted on the same server to see how these instances might be competing for memory and resources.

Complete list of collectors:

– Windows General OS Information
– Windows Storage Information
– Windows Processor Information
– Windows Local Administrators Information
– Windows Local Users Information
– Windows Installed Software Information
– Windows Memory Dump Information
– Windows Firewall Rules Information
– Windows .NET Components Information
– Windows Update Client Configuration
– Windows Hotfix Information
– Windows Network Adapter Config Information
– Windows Network Adapter Advanced Information
– Windows Physical Memory Information
– Windows Pagefile Information
– Windows Shares Information
– Windows Domain Information
– SQL Instances Information
– SQL Server Reporting Services Information
– SQL Server Analysis Services Information
– SQL Server Integration Services Information
– SQL Account Information
– SQL Configuration Information
– SQL Trace Flags Information
– SQL Cluster Nodes Information
– SQL AAG Nodes Information
– SQL Database Information
– SQL Database File Information
– SQL Database Values Information
– SQL Network Protocols Information
– SQL TCP/IP Ports Information
– SQL Memory Information
– SQL Database Mirroring Information
– Dynamics AX AOS Installed Instance Information
– Dynamics AX AOS Binary Kernel Information
– Dynamics AX Client Binary Kernel Information
– Dynamics AX AOS Instance Service Information
– Dynamics AX AOS Instance Registry Information
– Dynamics AX .NET Business Connector Registry Information
– Dynamics AX DIXF Service Configuration
– Dynamics AX DIXF Server Configuration
– Dynamics AX Help Server Language Information
– Dynamics AX Management Report Information
– Dynamics AX Enterprise Portal Information