Parameter Name Description
ClassificationMechanism Specifies the name of a valid classification mechanism available on the server for assigning the property value.
ContentRegularExpression Specifies an array of regular expressions for pattern matching.
ContentString Specifies an array of strings for the content classifier to search for.
ContentStringCaseSensitive Specifies an array of content sensitive strings for the content classifier to search for.
Description Specifies a description for the classification rule.
Disabled Indicates that the classification rule is disabled.
Flags Specifies an array of flags that define the possible states of the rule.
Name Specifies an array of names of classification rules.
Namespace Specifies an array of namespaces where the rule is applied. Each value must be either a value of the FolderType property defined on the server (in the format “[Folder type property name=<value>]”) or a static path.
Parameters Specifies an array of strings using the format <name>=<value>. The File Classification Infrastructure and other management tools use these parameters.
Property Specifies the name of a classification property definition to set. Specify the value of the Name property in an FsrmClassificationPropertyDefinition object.
PropertyValue Specifies the property value that the rule will assign. The property value that you set must be a valid value supported by the classification mechanism that you specify in the ClassificationMechanism parameter.
ReevaluateProperty Specifies the evaluation policy of the rule. The acceptable values for this parameter are:?
— Never: Assign values to properties only if that property does not already have a value for the file.
— Overwrite: Reclassify files when the files change and overwrite this property.
— Aggregate: Reclassify files when the files change and aggregate the new value for the property with the existing value.

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