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AutoLogon Using LSA Secret with Sysinternals via Group Policy Startup

Many post how to setup a Kiosk / auto logon, Sysinternals has a great 3.01v, however to take advantage of the settings to Enable/Disable for each user their is not currently a command line to accept the option while at the same time being prompt for credentials/or acceptance from the UAC. Script to automate using Group Policy Startup/or/Logon requires that the Tool be given admin privileges. This is a challenge since the KIOSK user is just a domain user with no admin access. The key is to use the Sysinternals tool that removes the Plain Text access in the registry, use GPO to administer the settings on Start up. All without having to execute the tool at the workstation for each just to Enable the feature. Thanks – Ted.

Script for Monitoring Foldersize

Hello from germany,
first of all: your robocopy gui is perfekt for me and my coworkers!!!
Using robocopy for many years and it is a pain for me to get other people work with robocopy… now no longer ;-)
I have a little request:
We like to monitor daily 3-4 shares for file growing and log into a logfile/csv… automatticly
My first option was to do a robocopy with option /L only logging and parsing the logfile but i can’t get it working…
I bookmarked your side! Keep working and have fun!

best regards

Gerald, Hamburg/Germany

RoboCopy GUI

This is not a request but a submission, I am currently working on updating your script to include tooltips for every check box to make it more user friendly.(I had trouble understanding all the checkboxes at first) I decided to add tooltips for each one that includes an excerpt of the help text for that flag(a lot easier than trying to read the entire help file in the viewer(overwhelming)