Script for Monitoring Foldersize

Hello from germany,
first of all: your robocopy gui is perfekt for me and my coworkers!!!
Using robocopy for many years and it is a pain for me to get other people work with robocopy… now no longer ;-)
I have a little request:
We like to monitor daily 3-4 shares for file growing and log into a logfile/csv… automatticly
My first option was to do a robocopy with option /L only logging and parsing the logfile but i can’t get it working…
I bookmarked your side! Keep working and have fun!

best regards

Gerald, Hamburg/Germany


One thought on “Script for Monitoring Foldersize”

  1. Hello Gerald,
    I’m glad you find Robocopy GUI handy.
    The whole idea was to create a tool which can be used by less experienced administrators…not to say lazy :)
    To be honest, I’ve never used it, except for the test I did during the development.
    That’s why your feedback if very important to me. Thank you!
    About your request. You can drop me a mail (admin at power-shell dot com) with the request specifics.
    We can easily create a PowerShell script which can export and append the shared folders details (file count, size, modified date, etc.) to csv. Then you can schedule it to run on a daily basis.
    Also, parsing the Robocopy log can be done with RegEx. Guaranteed fun :)

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